When to do Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is a magical journey filled with anticipation and excitement and maternity photos are a cherished way to document and celebrate this short and beautiful season of motherhood. So if you’re wondering when to do Maternity Photos, this blog post will discuss the factors to consider when choosing the ideal moment to document this special time.

An expectant mother cradles her growing belly during her maternity session. Read on to learn when to book maternity photos.
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Pregnancy isn’t always easy, or glamorous, but the profound connection we have with our babies, even in pregnancy, is nothing short of a miracle and deserves to be celebrated. 

Maternity sessions are a time to take in and appreciate your growing family, so we’ll capture sweet moments with your loved ones as well as your growing belly. As your Madison maternity photographer, my goal is not only to give you beautiful photos, but to turn your cherished memories into tangible, heirloom artwork that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. 

Maternity sessions always take place during Golden Hour – the hour before the sun sets. This is when the light is soft and glowy (and also the most flattering) and can give your images some extra magic. Maternity sessions take place on-location at one of my favorite outdoor spots around the Madison area. When to do maternity photos is a personal choice that I’m excited to help you explore further.

First Trimester: The Beginning of the Journey

The first trimester is a time of profound changes, both physically and emotionally. While the excitement of the news may be at its peak, this stage may not be the best time for maternity photos for several reasons. Many women experience morning sickness and fatigue during this period, making it challenging to feel and look their best.

Additionally, the baby bump is not usually showing during the first trimester. For those who prefer showcasing a more pronounced baby bump in their maternity photos, waiting until the second or third trimester might be a better option.

Second Trimester: Embracing the Bump

For some, the second trimester might be a great time for when to do maternity photos. This period sometimes brings more energy and less morning sickness for mamas and her baby bump is more noticeable. The second trimester allows expectant mamas to comfortably showcase their growing belly without the discomfort that may come in the later stages of pregnancy.

Third Trimester: Awaiting the Arrival

For me, I believe early third trimester is a great time for when to do maternity photos.. typically around 33 weeks. Typically mama can still move around comfortably, and as the due date approaches, the third trimester is full of anticipation and the undeniable beauty of that beautiful baby bump.

Flexibility and Communication:

Regardless of your choice of when to do maternity photos, flexibility is key when planning maternity photos. Every pregnancy is unique, and factors such as the mother’s health, comfort, and the unpredictability of due dates should all be considered.

Communication is key in ensuring your needs and vision are met. Discussing wardrobe options, locations, and any specific ideas can help create a personalized and memorable maternity photo session.

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When to do Maternity Photos:

Choosing when to do maternity photos is a personal decision that depends on many factors, including your comfort, desired aesthetic, and the overall vision for your session. Maternity photos serve as a beautiful keepsake, capturing the anticipation, joy, and love that surround the arrival of your new baby. I can’t wait to help you create timeless and cherished memories that will be treasured for years to come.

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