3 Elevated Spring Family Photo Color Schemes

Spring is in the air and you’re probably starting to think about Spring Family Photo Color Schemes. Timeless wardrobe choices will help ensure your family remains the focus of your photos, so in this guide, we’ll explore three beautiful options for Spring Family Photo Color Schemes.

Spring Family Photo Color Schemes #1:

Moms Dress | Dad Shirt | Dad Pants | Girls Dress | Toddler Boy Outfit | Baby Girl Outfit

The Power of Neutrals and Earth Tones:

Soft neutrals, such as whites, creams, and gentle earth tones, can create a timeless images that allow your family to remain the focus of your images. When considering your Spring Family Photo Color Schemes, you may also want to think about printing and hanging your photos. Neutrals often compliment any décor and home style.

The Power of Textures:

Texture is a great way to add some depth and dimension to your photos. Linen or gauze fabrics are so beautiful and can add a softness to your photos. Cotton, chambray, and knits are also wonderful options. Waffle knits or anything with buttons are beautiful, too!

The Power of Pattern:

Another tip to elevate your spring family photo color schemes is to add a subtle touch of pattern for visual interest. This could be a simple stripe or a dainty floral. I typically recommend 1-2 differing patterns for every 4 family members.

Spring Family Photo Color Schemes #2:
Tan/Cream/Dusty Blue/Mauve

Moms Dress | Dads Shirt | Dads Pants | Boys Denim Shirt | Boys Shorts | Girls Dress | Baby Boy Outfit

Styling Ideas:

Simple is so beautiful, as it doesn’t distract from the main focus of your photos – your family. All that to say, comfort is still important! Parents and siblings should feel comfortable and at ease during your session. Here are some ideas for everyone.

Mom: Flowy dresses or comfortable separates in neutral tones work well. Consider maxi dresses, wrap dresses, or off-the-shoulder styles for an elegant and timeless look.

Dad: Classic button-down shirts, Henley shirts, knit sweaters, or plain t-shirts paired with well-fitted jeans or khakis are ideal.

Siblings: Coordinate rather than match. Dress siblings in outfits that complement the overall color scheme and avoid large logos or characters that may be distracting.

Spring Family Photo Color Schemes #3:
Neutrals/Subtle Pattern/Texture

Mom’s Dress | Dads Sweater | Dads Shorts | Boys Shirt | Boys Pants | Girls Dress

More Tips for a Seamless Session:

Accessorize for a Touch of Elegance: Accessories can also elevate the overall look of your spring family photo color schemes. For moms, consider delicate jewelry or a simple headband, headbands or cardigans for little girls.

Comfort is Key: While all these tips can help elevate the overall look and feel of your photos, it’s most important to wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Avoid Logos and Busy Patterns: Logos and busy patterns can be distracting in photos. Instead, opt for solid colors or subtle patterns that contribute to the overall look without overwhelming the photo.

Avoid Bold Colors: Bold colors can often cause color cast on your own or your family members skin. Another reason to try for light, soft and neutral colors.

I hope you found this guide helpful as you start thinking about your spring family photo color schemes. Taking these simple tips into consideration can help you rest assured knowing your family will be beautifully documented with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

Spring family photos in Madison, WI offer a beautiful backdrop with blooming flowers and landscapes and choosing the right spring family photo color schemes can add just the perfect touch of magic to your photos!

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Spring Family Photo Color Schemes

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